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Cecil Chambers

CEO | Producer | Music Publisher

Cecil ChambersMr. Chambers, is the founder and acts as the Producer for Triumphant Entertainment. He rapidly gained solid footing through the years of introducing film executives to his stable of music artists and copyrights. He brings a common-sense philosophy to the turbulent confluence of art and commerce. Develop art that appeals to a wide range of people, and intrigue them with creative and sensitivity.

In 2001, Chambers signed Anita McCloud, recognized and developed by Chambers penned the Grammy Award Winning Song for USHER “U REMIND ME,” where she would receive the prestigous songwriter of the year award from BMI. In the early stages of Mr. Chambers’ music career he worked with the like of multi-platinum recording artist and songwriter Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Rap legend Tupac, and crooner Jon B. to name a few. Chambers was later promoted by Tracey E. Edmonds as VP Administration at YAB YUM/SONY after a 30 day internship coming from Coors Brewing company fresh out of College.

In Chambers’ early stages of his musical journey, he started a management company with Kenneth Crear, they signed platinum producers Warren Campbell, Rick Cousin, and with instant HITS under the catalog caught the attention of Evan Medow, CEO of Windswept Music Publishing. Within a few short months of executing a multi-million dollar deal for Rick “Dutch” Cousin who produced Ice Cube’s biggest record – We Be Clubbin’ that the world would then echo on the radio, Medow swooped up Chambers, giving him a publishing venture within the fold of Windswept Publishing. After a year, Chambers developed a stable catalogue of his own. Windswept was later sold to EMMI for 250m, afterwards, Chambers was asked to sell his catalogue and become a partner with Windswept. After a few short years, Chambers built the new Windswept catalogue faster in 2 years than its predecessor that tool 11 years. After being responsible for more than 100m albums sold, 5 top 10’s, and 1 Grammy, Chambers had the eye of HOLLYWOOD…

In 2003 Chambers’ late attorney Peter Lopez secured a multi-year deal with Dimension Films, setting up the first Untitled Usher Project, and five other movies that Bob Weinstein wanted to fast track. In 2011/12 Chambers has produced 8 feature films, 3 worldwide Commercials for AT&T, Verizon, and Agustrura starring Sophia Vergara (Modern Family). Chambers is in the beginning stages of another venture with Image now RJL Entertainment to produce 2 films per year, and distribute 5 films annually. The goal for Chambers is to build upon his stellar resume, and continue building with other film makers to produce high quality films in the marketplace.

John Joseph

VP of Creative | Script Development | Co-Producer

John JosephPrior to joining Triumphant Entertainment John has spent the last 25 years in the entertainment industry both in front and behind the camera. His career has spanned 2 continents and has covered every medium from Film to TV to Theater to Music Production. Throughout his career he has worked for illustrious companies such as, BBC, ITV, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, TNT. In 2007 he co-founded Manic Music, a UK based independent label based in London specializing in writing for and developing artists such as K-Coke for Roc Nation, previously John worked as Head of International Acquisitions for IMD Film Distribution before returning to London from Los Angeles, where he continues to produce both music and film.

Mody Shehab

Executive Producer

Mody ShehabBio comming soon