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Triumphant Entertainment brings a vast variety of unique films which cater to audiences across the globe. Setting ourselves apart from the average producers, our team has a personal investment in every project that is created. From directors to extras, Triumphant Entertainment prides itself on hand picking partners that understand the importance of world-wide entertainment that hits home.

Our global view of life and fantasy is intricately layered in our films. From comedy, to romance, to action; our vision is to provide a constant evolution of films attracting those audiences that, they themselves, are constantly evolving with the times.

Triumphant Entertainment is strategically focused on touching those individuals who are like-minded in revolutionary TV/Film production. Setting our sights on the global market, Triumphant Entertainment has touched an audience both nationally and internationally. Our market spans 8-80 with an array of backgrounds and ethnicities.

Triumphant Entertainment has established itself as a content provider for various studios. Our focus is meek: when a wide spectrum of individuals is moved through our eyes via a screen, that is how we measure success! Adding to that the right creative team, directors, actors, staff, and investors; we position ourselves to grab the majority of the entertainment industry.

Utilizing our 15 year music experience and success puts Triumphant Entertainment in a category all on its own. Transitioning from music to the big screen allows us to utilize relationships and build a successful platform for talent. This helps us maximize every investment to its fullest potential.

With so many production companies, it’s important to produce product that is forever evolving yet classic in its own right. Maintaining this balance is essential to the production industry. When others have continued to produce mainstream projects, Triumphant Entertainment is committed to creating a library of successful projects. Keeping a clear focus and creative mind, Triumphant Entertainment is on a steady upstream of consistent success.