Filming on the survival thriller feature Bunker – not to be confused with Prime Video’s series based on the popular video game franchise – has officially wrapped in New Jersey.

The Cast

This Michael Miceli and Cecil Chambers film, which stars the Arrow actress Katie Cassidy who continues to be a highly sought-after actress after her role as Laurel Lance, is sure to captivate you.

Cassidy is joined by Devon Sawa (Final Destination, Chucky TV Series), Chris Backus (Truth Be Told, Black Bird), Kate Bosworth (Barbarian), and Tyrese Gibson (Fast X, The System).

A Sneak Peek into the Bizarre Plot

Bunker will follow six people who are forced inside an underground bunker as the threat of nuclear annihilation looms overhead. The kicker is that their shelter isn’t functioning properly, making survival all the more difficult and driving tensions up in the process. With oxygen, patience, and trust in one another in short supply, they fight for survival using whatever resources they have left at their disposal. They soon discover, however, that there’s a darker plot buried beneath their struggle.

Produced By:

The film is produced by Cecil Chambers, Michael Miceli, and Triumphant Entertainment, a company that creates a variety of unique movies for viewers all around the world. Cecil Chambers has supervised script modifications, communicated director feedback, and coordinated a uniform style and approach amongst departments, in addition to facilitating the employment of incredible talent. Miceli has earned several awards for some of his own work, though notably he also earned a pair of screenwriting awards for Bunker years before it would ever properly enter production.

This survival thriller has been produced with a strong creative vision and commitment, similar to the previous works of Cecil Chambers, Michael Miceli, and Triumphant Entertainment, which have enabled them to achieve tremendous growth.

From action to rom-coms, Triumphant Pictures has produced a wide spectrum of innovative and entertaining movies that appeal to a global audience. For more information about the movie’s release and other events, please visit our website.



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