A Heart Warming Dramedy Starring Simone Missick, Christian Keyes, Jamie Hector, and Vanessa Simmons

Los Angeles, January 23, 2024 – A Mama’s Boy Production and Triumphant Pictures are proud to present “Destine for Love,” a captivating dramedy that beautifully intertwines the themes of love, loss, and the courage to embrace life again. Directed by Skye Dennis, this film is an enthralling blend of humor and emotion, set to resonate deeply with audiences.

“Destine for Love” follows the journey of Destine, a former child star and widowed single mother played by Simone Missick. After losing her husband Kente (Chad Coleman) to a tragic accident, Destine finds herself pushed into the world of online dating by her family and friends. Amidst a series of comedic misadventures, she unexpectedly finds a connection with her driver, Isiah (Christian Keyes), who harbors a past intertwined with her own.

The film’s ensemble cast includes Jamie Hector as Tyrell, a charming obstetrician ready for love, and Vanessa Simmons as Tiana, Destine’s hilariously candid best friend. Tisha Campbell portrays Cynthia, Destine’s supportive yet sometimes overbearing mother. 

“Destine for Love” is a modern-day romantic journey, blending the charm of “You’ve Got Mail” with the emotional depth of “Beyond the Lights.” It’s a story about rediscovering love in the most unexpected places and the power of new beginnings.


Simone Missick, a native of Detroit, Michigan, brings her exceptional talent and passion for performance to the lead role of Destine in “Destine for Love.” Her breakthrough role came in 2015 as “Misty Knight” in “Marvel’s Luke Cage.” Her portrayal of the character was well-received, leading her to reprise the role in “Marvel’s: The Defenders,” as well as the second seasons of “Marvel’s Luke Cage” and “Marvel’s Iron Fist.” In 2018, she made her New York theatre debut in Dominique Morisseau’s “Paradise Blue” at the Signature Theatre, showcasing her versatility as an actress. 


Christian Keyes, born on July 24, 1975, in Detroit, Michigan, and raised in Flint, Michigan, brings a rich and diverse background to his role as Isiah in “Destine for Love.” Keyes, known for his versatility, began his career in the entertainment industry by starring in stage plays and has since expanded his talents to television and film. His impressive resume boasts not only acting but also singing, writing, and producing. His notable television roles include Nathan in “The Boys” (2019–2022), where he appeared in 7 episodes, showcasing his ability to tackle complex characters. In “In Contempt” (2018), he played Charlie Riggs in 10 episodes, demonstrating his range in drama. Keyes also had a memorable role in “Supernatural” (2017–2018), where he played Michael in 5 episodes, further cementing his place in the genre of fantasy and science fiction.


Jamie Hector, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, brings a wealth of talent and experience to his role as Tyrell in “Destine for Love.” Best known for his portrayal of Marlo Stanfield in the HBO series “The Wire,” a role that earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated following, Hector continues to make a significant impact in the world of acting.


Vanessa Simmons, born on August 5, 1983, brings her vibrant talent to the role of Tiana in “Destine for Love.” Known as both an actress and producer, Simmons has established herself in the entertainment industry through a variety of roles that showcase her versatility and charisma. Simmons’ career in acting includes notable performances in films such as “Boogie Town” (2009), a dance-themed drama, and “Dysfunctional Friends” (2012), where she demonstrated her ability to handle both comedic and dramatic elements effectively. Additionally, her role in “A Valentine’s Dating” (2009) highlighted her talent in romantic storylines, making her an ideal fit for the character of Tiana in “Destine for Love.”


Skye Dennis, an indie award-winning filmmaker from Philadelphia, brings his unique vision and storytelling prowess to “Destine for Love.” Since starting his writing career in 2011, Dennis has been recognized for his work, including the ABFF award-nominated film “Myra’s Angel” and “The Underground Kings,” both archived at the Writers Guild Foundation in Los Angeles. His recent projects include “A Christmas Prayer” for TV One, the limited series “The Other: Essie Mae Washington” with Ebony Studios, and the AMC ALLBLK licensed short film “The Invisible Ones.” Dennis’s direction in “Destine for Love” showcases his ability to blend drama and comedy, creating a film that is as heartwarming as it is entertaining.


A Mama’s Boy Production is known for its unique storytelling and commitment to creating content that resonates with audiences. The production company, under the guidance of Skye Dennis, focuses on bringing diverse and compelling stories to the screen, with a special emphasis on narratives that reflect real-life experiences and emotions.


Triumphant Entertainment is a trailblazer in the industry, offering a diverse range of films that resonate with audiences worldwide. Our distinct approach to filmmaking emphasizes personal investment in each project, ensuring that from directors to extras, everyone involved shares our vision of delivering impactful entertainment. Our background in the music industry has enriched our transition to film, allowing us to leverage long-standing relationships and maximize the potential of every investment. Triumphant Entertainment is committed to producing a library of successful projects that not only appeal to mainstream audiences but also address global issues and inspire change. Under the leadership of Cecil Chambers, our focus on creativity and clarity of vision has led to consistent success and an expanding international market presence.


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