If you enjoy spooky, weird, and unnerving films, you shouldn’t miss the movie Dead Rest which is scheduled for a spring release. In this blog, we will give you a sneak peek into the movie.

Director and Writers

The movie’s director is Brian Herzlinger, who graduated from Ithaca College with a BS in Cinema and Photography. He is also one of the movie’s writers, collaborating with Brady Smith and Jay Black. Their combined effort has resulted in a captivating storyline that will engross you and make you lose track of time while watching the movie.

Plot Overview

Eight months into her first pregnancy, Lauren suffers a near-miscarriage and is ordered to strict bedrest by her doctor for the safety of both her and the unborn baby. If she were to trip, accidentally bump into a table, or even breathe too heavily, Lauren could inadvertently kill her fetus.

Her husband, Eric, must leave town for the weekend for work, relying on his delinquent daughter from a previous marriage, Madeline, to assist her stepmother with whatever she requires. Madeline defiantly assumes the role of Lauren’s caretaker in his absence, and Eric insists that Lauren remain calm for the sake of the baby.

However, being calm proves not to be an option for Lauren, as she quickly realizes that a supernatural force is terrorizing her while she is imprisoned in her bed. Something from the other side wants her unborn baby, and each move in this standoff becomes a choice Lauren must make between battling for her own survival, or potentially losing the life of her child.

The Cast

The movie stars Paris Berelc as Madeline, Jana Kramer as Lauren, and Brady Smith as Eric. Paris was born in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Before pursuing an acting career at the age of 14, Paris competed in gymnastics for nine years and also had a modeling career with Ford Models Chicago. Jana Kramer was born on December 2, 1983, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. She is an actress and producer. Brady Smith is a Texas native who moved to Los Angeles without knowing a single person there. He has appeared in numerous television shows and feature films ever since.


The film is produced by Cecil Chambers and Triumphant Entertainment. Cecil Chambers works hard to create art that inspires sensitivity and creativity in the audience, and the upcoming movie Dead Rest is no exception. Triumphant Entertainment’s team is personally invested in every project they work on, resulting in a wide range of unique films that appeal to audiences all over the world.

If you’re looking for an upcoming supernatural thriller to pump up your adrenaline, Dead Rest will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. From action to comedy, Triumphant Pictures has produced a wide spectrum of innovative and entertaining movies with the goal of revolutionizing film production. For more information about the movie’s release and other upcoming events, please visit our website.

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