There are always some movies that either grapple your heart, astonish you or keep you standing still till the end. The plot of the forthcoming film Fatimah and Marie will captivate you from the very first moment. This movie holds your attention as your mind is racing with ideas you had never imagined. The makers of this movie expertly strike a mix between emotion, romance, horror, and suspense.

The Cast

This Mark Harris film, which stars the wildly talented Denyce Lawton who continues to be a highly sought-after actress for both television and film as Fatimah, and a naturally graceful and effortless Novi Brown as Marie, is sure to keep you craving more.

Karon Riley, Rodney Perry, Brittney Dorey, and the supporting cast all deliver excellent performances, which is the icing on the cake. All of the transitions are logically coordinated, and there is a strong connection between the characters, backgrounds, and situations. Everything in this movie, which is set in Georgia, is flawless from the lights to the music and visuals.

A Sneek Peek into the Bizarre Plot

A very popular actress who was killed by her famous rapper boyfriend comes to her little hometown of South Haven, unaware that she was dead, to help heal the marriage of her first and only love.

Can she see the love of her life? What happens to her famous rapper boyfriend? Is she able to heal the marriage? What happens when she realizes that she is dead? Does she try to seek vengeance for her death?

This suspense drama, filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, shatters the secure bubble you’ve created for yourself by presenting you with possibilities you hadn’t considered. Stay tuned for the premiere of this romantic movie with suspense to learn what transpires.

Directed By:

This movie is directed by Mark Harris, who is a self-taught filmmaker. His films have been released by well-known distributors, and he self-distributed several of his early works, which have sold thousands of copies both domestically and abroad. Mark was born and nurtured in the Englewood community of Chicago.

He truly possesses all the qualities that contribute to his dynamic filmmaking. Mark Harris is the person who determined the creative vision of the movie and was responsible for all of the key decisions.

Produced By:

The film is produced by Cecil Chambers and Triumphant Entertainment, a company that creates a variety of unique movies for viewers all around the world. Cecil Chambers has supervised script modifications, communicated director feedback, and coordinated a uniform style and approach amongst departments, in addition to facilitating the employment of incredible talent.

This suspense drama has been produced with a strong creative vision and commitment, similar to the previous works of Cecil Chambers and Triumphant Entertainment, which have enabled them to achieve tremendous growth.

From action to rom-coms, Triumphant Pictures has produced a wide spectrum of innovative and entertaining movies that appeal to a global audience. For more information about the movie’s release and other events, please visit our website.



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