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Luke Goss To Make Your Move

Directorial debut awaits Prince Nuada

One half of ’80s pop phenomenon Bros and one, well, whole of Hellboy II’s big bad, Luke Goss once asked: “When will I see my name in all the papers?”. Well, it’s in Variety today, with news that he will be stepping behind the camera for his first directorial gig.

Goss is directing Your Move from a script he also wrote. According to the trade, the story will follow a New York executive whose wife and child are off visiting her family in Mexico. While Skyping them, he witnesses their assault and abduction at the hands of some nefarious types. He launches a rescue-stroke-revenge mission when Mexico’s authorities fail to provide much assistance in tracking down the missing pair.

Man On Fire meets Taken, then? Sounds a lot like it, and that title suggests at least some Bryan Mills-y dialogue to induce the abducters to release their prize – possibly with the attendant threat that if they don’t, “I will look for you, I will find you… and I will make you listen to ‘I Owe You Nothing’ on repeat.”

Shooting in Mexico next month, the thriller is a Triumphant Pictures and Artprod co-production. Goss has previous – or current – with Triumphant. He’s currently appearing in the production house’s action-thriller AWOL 72 with RZA and Total Recall’s Bokeem Woodbine.

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