Have you ever wondered what stands behind the brilliance of Triumphant Pictures’ blockbuster hits, such as Black Cats, White Mice, Fatimah and Marie, Bunker, and Speed Demon?

Keep reading to learn about the secret ingredients that make each of these movies a success.

Gripping Plots

Well-built suspense and major turning points are the cornerstones of every engaging plot. Screenwriters have created the scripts for each of Triumphant Pictures’ movies with these notions in mind.

In Bunker, the plot escalates after the first unexpected turn, when a group of people seeking refuge from nuclear war in a bunker discovers some technical problems with their shelter.

Speed Demon subverts expectations when a demon that possesses a passenger on a train en route to Rome kills Father Novak, the head exorcist of the Catholic Church, on whom everyone has pinned their hopes.

Fatimah and Marie will leave no viewer indifferent when, in the first major reversal, it turns out that the protagonist is unaware of her own death.


Every blockbuster hit should offer more than merely a spectacle. Triumphant Pictures’ movies dare to explore complex themes of justice, faith, and love.

In Black Cats, White Mice, locals unite to address political corruption in Chicago in the late 1990s. The movie promotes the ideals of social justice and teamwork. The movie Fatimah and Marie explores the theme of love that overcomes death by following the journey of an actress who tragically loses her life at the hands of her famous rapper boyfriend. Unaware of her death, she comes back to her hometown in spirit form to heal her first marriage.

Speed Demon tackles the subject of faith by featuring a protagonist, Sister Lu, who is a substance abuser. Even though she has lost faith in God, she faces the urgent task of exorcising a demon when her abusive mentor, Father Novak, fails in the battle against the evil spirit and meets his end.

Outstanding Actors

No movie can become a blockbuster hit without a crew of brilliant actors. Prepare to meet Karon Riley, Rodney Perry, and Brittney Dorey on the screen with their exceptional performances in Fatimah and Marie.

You will also not be disappointed by Kate Bosworth’s acting in Speed Demon. The highly-sought after actress Katie Cassidy starring in Bunker, along with such magnificent actors as Devon Sawa, Chris Backus, Kate Bosworth, and Tyrese Gibson, will keep you on the edge of your seat as they battle for survival amidst depleting oxygen levels and rapidly diminishing patience and trust.

Values of Inclusivity

Most importantly, each movie produced by Triumphant Pictures upholds and celebrates the values of diversity and inclusivity. What sets all blockbuster hits apart is that they are unique movies that cater to a global audience, providing world-class entertainment while also hitting close to home.

Celebrating values of creativity, empathy, and authenticity, Triumphant Pictures has produced a wide range of blockbuster hits that appeal to a global audience. Check out our website for all the details on release dates and other exciting events.

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